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Palisades Press™

Palisades Press enables countries all over the world to share their technical knowledge with readers everywhere through digital publishing on Apple® iPads®. Readers can browse, download, save, and read contemporary educational works. 

PCG ChinaBooks™

Books from China at your fingertips. Owned and operated by PCG Digital Media™, PCG ChinaBooks™ is a full bookstore App that offers a wide range of books - Ming Dynasty History to Transportation Construction Management to Zhongguancun's political and economic policy - from top Chinese publishers to App Store readers.

PCG ChinaBooks Catalog

CSTP Books

This is a full bookstore App for the China Science and Technology Popular Press. The App features compilations from the past three years of China's advances and breakthroughs in various science and technology fields.

CSTP Books Catalog

ITE Books

This full bookstore App brings the Institute of Transportation Engineers' catalog of cutting edge transportation publications to the App Store.

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